How do I help the environment by purchasing a TenZone Target?


By purchasing a TenZone Target you are helping to reduce the burden on the environment in more ways than one. TenZone Targets are produced by utilising a waste foam product that is used within the packaging industry, this waste product, if not purchased by TenZone Targets, would normally end up in landfill sites throughout the UK.


OK, that's good, but what happens to the waste from manufacturing the targets?


TenZone Targets manufacturing process produces very little waste, however, our waste foam (foam off-cuts) are recycled a second time by TenZone Targets. We supply free foam off-cuts to:




Scrapstore are a UK charity that collects business waste that can be re-used as a low-cost creative resource by their member groups. Scrapstore membership is open to groups working in creative play, care, education and therapeutic settings. There are over 100 Scrapstores in the UK.


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